Do I need a hearing aid?

Some clues that you might need hearing aids are:

  • You frequently ask others to repeat what they said.
  • You frequently find the need to increase TV volume.
  • You frequently miss comments when talking to someone on phone.
  • People frequently tell you that you can’t hear.
  • You frequently miss sounds like a ringing phone, microwave timers or the doorbell.
  • Your family has a history of hearing loss.
  • There is ringing in your ears.

How do I order hearing aids from OneStopHearing?

Ordering hearing aids from OneStopHearing is as easy as ABC. Simply submit your audiogram, select your preferred hearing aids and place your order. Your hearing aids will be delivered to you within 3-7 business days.

Who reviews the audiogram?

Your audiograms are reviewed by our team of professional, board-approved audiologists.

Are your hearing aids helpful for all types of hearing loss?

The hearing aids sold by OneStopHearing will serve most kinds of hearing loss, including severe loss. For better performance, we recommend that you send us your audiogram so that we can provide the best device for your specific hearing loss.

Are the hearing aids customized for me?

Yes. Once you submit your audiogram, our licensed team of audiologists will program your hearing aids to provide the best compensation for your hearing loss.

Do you provide follow-up adjustments?

Yes. If you need readjustments after you receive your hearing aids, we will provide you with free re-programming within the warranty period.

Do you provide repairs?

Hearing aids rarely require repairs. However, if your device for any reason needs some repair, OneStopHearing will provide free repairs if your device is within the warranty period.