OneStopHearing sells hearing aids that will help restore your hearing. If you need quality hearing aids, we’ve got you covered. Apart from selling hearing aids, we also offer the following services:

Adjusting your device

Despite your hearing aids being programmed to provide the perfect compensation for your hearing problem, it is not uncommon for clients to request further adjustments to their devices, especially during the first few days of using a new device. So long as your device is within the warranty period, OneStopHearing will provide free re-programming till you are satisfied with your device’s performance.

Maintaining your device

Simple maintenance of your hearing aids can be done at home, without having to spend any money. If you have any trouble with your hearing aids, just send us an email at info@onestophearing and we will guide you on how you can maintain your device at home.


Hearing aids rarely require repairs. However, if you think your device may need some repair, give us a call at {no} or email us at info@onestophearing. We will provide you with shipping information to our nearest service facilities. Your device will then be repaired and sent to you within 10 business days.

Weekly Reminders

Some customers find it difficult to start wearing their new hearing aid at a regular basis. They might forget to use the hearing aid or simply just not wear it because they are unaccustomed to the new device. At Onestophearing our professional audiologists know the importance to regularly wear the hearing aids to achieve the best results. Therefore, we offer our customers to sign up for weekly reminders where our audiologists support the customers to adjust to their happy and healthy hearing experience.