Hearing Aids Is Also Called As Hearing Impairment. Don't Take Your Ears For Granted As It Is Third most common health Problem. here in this post, I will let you know what is a hearing loss, what are the symptoms of hearing aids and what should you do if you have a hearing loss.

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What Is hearing Loss??

Hearing Loss is when Your Ability to hear sound is reduced or you found it difficult to hear any sound. basically, hearing loss can happen in many different ways.Depending on the degree or how the hearing loss is severe.

In many cases, hearing evaporates so slowly you don't notice it. You may think that people are Talking more, your Husband needs to speak up, and you need a new phone. As long as you can hear sound still comes in, you could think your hearing is osm. But you go more and more away from the world of speech and sounds.

Doctor Has CLassified Hearing Loss by Degree:-

1). Mild hearing loss: one to one talking is fine there is no problem but in this degree of hearing loss you will have some difficulty in Listening when there is a background noise.

2).Moderate hearing loss: In this Degree Of hearing loss you have to ask repetitive what the person is saying when you are talking one to one or on phone.

3).Severe hearing loss: In this degree of hearing loss. it is impossible to hear until you wear hearing aids.

4).Profound hearing loss: In this degree of hearing loss, you can hear if they are saying  very loud. or you should wear hearing aids.

This Were The Some Of The Degree Of Hearing Aids If You Are Facing Some Issue That is Described Above You Should Contact Any Of The Audiologist You can Also Contact Our Audiologist Team For Any Query. 

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Early on, high-pitched sounds, such as children's and female voices, and the sounds which come when we speak letters like "S" and "F" become harder to Listen.

Some Have a Hearing Problem But They Are Not Wearing it Because They Think It is a sign of old age and some other myths...

if you have any myths about hearing aids 

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Cause Of Hearing Aids.

The Main Cause Of Hearing Aids is Loud Noise And Ageing.

Advancement in age:-
is the most common cause of hearing impairment(hearing loss). One out of three people has age between 65 and 74 has some degree of hearing loss. After the age of 75 years, that goes increasing to one out of every two people.

Loud Noise:-
Loud Noise is a Cause of hearing loss.if it's loud or continuously played or heard. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Disclosed that about 22 million workers are exposed to Loud noise levels on there work.

How To Check That You Have An Hearing loss?

Common Symptoms Of Hearing Aids:-

1) Listening to television or radio at a high volume
2) Trouble understanding speech, especially in noisy environments
3) The perception that others are mumbling
4) Difficulty hearing people on the phone
5) Often asking people to repeat themselves
6) Avoiding social situations
7) Exhaustion after attending social events
8) Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

The most common type of hearing loss is a sensorineural hearing loss, and this type often results in a decreased ability to hear high-pitched sounds.