There are many factors to consider when purchasing hearing aids, and longevity is at the top of many people’s list. Here are five tips that can play a major role in how long your hearing aids will last.


Hearing aids are made with a variety of durable materials, but the best thing you can do is purchase hearing aids with a nano-coating. This coating protects your hearing aids from dust, moisture and other common elements that can damage your hearing aids.


Your hearing aids are exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures, dust and earwax each day, so properly cleaning them daily will help them last longer.


A case with a dehumidifier will keep your hearing aids dryer and help them last longer. Removing the batteries when you store your hearing aids for a long period of time will also prevent corrosion from taking place.


Behind-the-ear hearing aids are not exposed to as much moisture as in-the-ear models so they tend to last longer. However, nano-coating can help in-the-ear hearing aids last longer than they have in the past.

Your Hearing Needs

As you age, your hearing changes. That means the hearing aids you have may no longer suit your needs and it’s time for you to get a new hearing aid even though your current one still works properly.